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"The cure for boredom is curiosity.  There is NO cure for curiosity."
...Dorothy Parker

Entomology, the Gateway Science!  Interactive Natural Science Park for kids!

Thank you all for taking the time to review my campaign. This gofundme is for the creation of an Interactive Natural Science Park for kids, with an emphasis on insects.  However, as you watch the videos that explain my vision you will realize that there is something much greater going on here.  While insects and nature are my methods of choice, my vision is about the future we leave to the next generation.  It is also, about leaving the next generation with the tools to make their world an even better place for their children, the tools to make better decisions than we have. That tool is science.

Recent events have made it very clear that that future is under threat. Not since the time of Galileo has there been a greater need to stand up for science, to stand up for that future the next generation deserves. Please join me in the fight for that future! Join me in making the world a better place!

The following are 3 videos I created to let you envision my vision.  The first one is short (4min) that is a rapid summary of the other two.  The second video is “WHY” I’m doing this and “why” I think this is so important.  The third video is the whole concept in most of its details as I see it.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For time and interest in my campaign.

Live long and prosper!

PS. For any donations over $100 you will receive a one-year family pass.

(currently working on other thank you gifts for donors)

Help support: Entomology, the Gateway Science!

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Hello everyone! My name is Antonio Gustin. 20yrs ago I started a traveling live insect exhibit called Tony's Creepy Crawly Zoo. It was a show that I took to over a million kids across the country in that time. I made kids laugh, I made them scream and then brought live animals they got to take out and hold. No matter how many times I’ve done my show, you cannot imagine how ELECTRIC a room full of kids holding live arthropods can be. My mission statement has always been,  “EXCITE, EDUCATE AND INSPIRE! To take fear and malice for the misunderstood and change it to curiosity and respect.” I did this. I did it well.



So now what? Well, I look back on the last 20yrs with absolute pride for what I’ve accomplished. I created a real thing from something that got stuck in my head over a couple beers in college. I took that thing to over a million kids. It became arguably the greatest traveling live insect show that ever was. I produced an award-winning DVD titled “Tales From the Bug Whisperer.Most importantly of all, I made a lot of kids very happy and I can only hope that I set them on a life path to greater intellectual rewards than they would have had otherwise. However, after 20yrs I decided I needed to do something different with my life.  I was tired of traveling and performing (I believe this is called burnout). For almost a year I gave it all up. I was going into a career with my family’s landscaping business and just be me.

So that is where the story would end if it wasn’t for an idea I got in my head over two years ago and an obsessive personality disorder that won’t allow me to let it go. At the time I was feeling the fatigue of it all and while I went so far as to write a business plan for it, I never followed through. I was burnt and resigned to let someone else do the “inspiring.”

But after more than two years of it itching and gnawing at the back of my mind. Visualizing it, dreaming about it, looking at my 4yr old nephew obsessed with frogs and bugs and staying in contact with some of my other protégé’s – I CANNOT let it go! It has to happen and there is no one besides myself that could make it happen.


I created the world’s greatest traveling live insect exhibit. Now I want to create the world’s greatest “permanently located” insect/reptile zoo. Only this is not an insect/reptile zoo.  It is an insect/reptile themed Interactive Natural Science Park for kids. It is a place for kids and families to hang out.  A place for kids to be kids. Come see feel and even feed the bizarre the unusual and the strange creatures that run our world. The most important part is that it will have acres of outside area of botanical gardens, prairie and ponds all designed to attract wildlife for everyone to see AND interact with. All designed for kids to run through and explore, hunt and catch bugs, frogs and snakes.  A place where you can say, “here is a net, here is a jar, GO FOR IT!”


While this all seems great on the surface, I do have a much greater purpose and depth to it all. This theme park for me is only a means to an end… that never ends. We stand on the shoulders of the generations that came before us and I want this place to be the pivot point that lifts the next generation to a higher level. A place that lures them in with promises (promises kept) of exciting alien adventures of discovery. And a place that sends them home thinking on a much higher level. How to think, discover and solve problems using the tenants of science.  My intent is to create a local population of science-minded kids.  Kids with the intellectual tools to one day ask the right questions and change the world.

This is my true goal. A goal I cannot achieve without your help. The funds requested are not enough to finish this adventure.  It is enough to get the ball unstoppably rolling.  With these funds (depending on how close we get to our goal) I intend to first hire someone whose skill set and full-time purpose is to help me complete this project (including additional fund raising), take care of all the legal business obligations such as lawyers, paperwork, trademarks etc. and third purchase the land needed.


IF any of you are inspired by my vision and goal I am open to all the help I can get for this campaign. Click here to join our team!


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