"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is NO cure for curiosity." ...Dorothy Parker

The Gateway Science Center.
Interactive Natural Science Park for kids!




Thank you all for taking the time to review our project. This campaign is for the creation of the Gateway Science Center, an insect/reptile themed Interactive Natural Science Park for kids.  However, as you watch the videos that explain my vision you will realize that there is something much greater going on here.  While insects and nature are my methods of choice, my vision is about the future we leave to the next generation.  It is also, about leaving the next generation with the tools to make their world an even better place for their children, the tools to make better decisions than we have. That tool is science.

Recent events have made it very clear that that future is under threat. Not since the time of Galileo has there been a greater need to stand up for science, to stand up for that future the next generation deserves. Please join me in the fight for that future! Join me in making the world a better place!

The above are 3 videos I created to let you envision my vision. The first video is “WHY” I’m doing this and “why” I think this is so important. The second video is the whole concept in most of its details as I see it. The third one is short (4min) that is a rapid summary of the other two.    




Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo is bigger and better than ever before! We have partnered with Discovery World and are campaigning for our Gateway Science Center – an incredible endeavor that will greatly serve the community – and we can use all of the assistance we can get.

What can you do, you ask? It’s actually very easy! Everyone who has taken the time to review our mission has reacted with great enthusiasm and excitement. Many have taken the time to contribute in one form or another. We now need YOUR help in getting the word out about what we are trying to accomplish.  

Here is what you can do.  If you, your school, library or organization has booked a live show with us and has a blog and/or social pages, you can be of enormous help to us. So enormous is this kind of help that we are offering a significant discount on our live show to all who help us in this mission.



  • Referring us to another venue that books a show and we will discount your visit $25.

  • Posting on your social pages monthly about our Gateway Science Center (with links) and Discovery World shows will earn you $50 off of our live show. (minimum twice/month for 3 months)

  • If you write a review on your blog (500-word minimum) about the Gateway Science Center and post it to all your social pages (Twitter &/or Facebook), we are offering $75 off of our live show.

  • If you are able to attain written press for the Gateway Science Center that includes our website’s link, you will earn 50% off our visit!

  • If there is something else you have to offer that will help us with our mission, please contact us.  We are always willing to negotiate with those that are able to assist us with our mission.

Maximum discount is 50% (excluding travel) and not eligible in addition to other discounts

Points of interest that we need attention drawn to:

  • Youtube: On youtube we will be developing a series in 2018.  In addition, our award winning video, Who Wants to be an Entomologist?, is available for all kids to watch for free! Our goal is to reach 1000 subscribers.

  • The Gateway Science Center:  The Gateway Science Center is an endeavor to enrich our community in a very positive way.  In a nutshell it is a community science center where families can come and just do science in the most natural and fun way possible.  It is a unique and enormous project.  There are many ways that the community can contribute to make this happen.  Donate to our Gofundme campaign, purchase one of our amazing T-shirts from our online store, donate professional skills and time or simply spread the word via blog, social pages or word of mouth.

  • Our Live shows:  Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo is a traveling, hands-on, live insect exhibit that has been seen by over a million kids across the country. It retired in 2015 and it is back for a short time campaigning for the Gateway Science Center.  We have partnered with Discovery World, Zoo Med Laboratories and Wetzel Brothers for this campaign. We visiting schools, libraries and at Discovery World every month to do our show and get kids excited to science.  Shows are open to the public.

  • Our online T-shirt Shop: Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo now has an online merchandise store.  We have awesome t-shirt designs, mugs and posters. 


Our live show has been fortunate enough to have some really wonderful sponsors who support the Gateway Science Center project.  Zoo Med Laboratories has released a new “Creature’s Line.” Cages that are specifically designed to keep pet bugs.  Not only have they 

donated all new display cages to the Creepy Crawly Zoo, they have also donated a Creature kit to be given away at EVERY show!


Wetzel Brothers is generously supporting our campaign and has committed to printing 25,000 of our Science Diaries!  Our Science Diaries are a booklet that introduces kids to observational science.  It is a tool they can use to start doing science while they play or explore. 

If your business wishes to become a sponsor[CLICK HERE]

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your time and interest in our mission.

Live long and prosper!

PS. For any donations over $100 you will receive a one-year family pass.


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